Accept 25 Crypto Coins on any site, get paid in Bitcoin

you can easily and quickly let customers pay with Crypto Coins. It only takes 10 minutes to get started


How it works


Accept Multiple Coins

Accept payment in multiple coins, get settled in Bitcoin. Cast a wider net over the world of crypto coins by being able to accept a variety of more than 20 different coins. And have them immediately converted into Bitcoin.

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Easy and quick implementation

The easiest implementation in the industry. Simply put, if you can copy one line of code and paste it into a page on your website, you will have a professional looking cashier page that accepts Bitcoin in minutes, literally.


Trusted by merchants worldwide

During the past two years, we have earned the trust of dozens of merchants from around the world, Colombia, Canada, US, Costa Rica, South Africa, our merchants are the best! Most have gracefully adopted our system and have actively participated in the design and process by contributing ideas, requests for features and yes, even some very ego demolishing comments.
Through it all, we learned the importance of listening and having frank discussions about a product we hope is as well received by you as it has been by our merchants who have put forth so much effort to help us get to here and now.
Thank you, thank you all who have contributed and those who will contribute to making this service the best it can be.


Fastest Settlements

Your Bitcoin are forwarded to you as soon as the transaction reaches 6 confirmations. Our new and improved "Autopay" system runs every one minute, it looks for transactions that have reached the 6 confirmations and immediately forwards them to your Bitcoin wallet address.

We require you to have a wallet and that you provide us with an address from your wallet before we allow you to install our cashier on your system. We are not a wallet and we do not store your Bitcoin any longer than necessary and then only to ensure the confirmations have reached the required number.

You can view your transactions taking place in real time in our intuitive Merchant Dashboard .


More great features

Below are some of the features available now

Fastest Settlement Times

We settle your Bitcoin immediately, your Bitcoin are forwarded to the wallet address you provide us and you can usually see the transaction in your wallet within minutes. Our AutoPay system runs automatically, no human hands are involved in the process except to make sure that all payments are running right and on time. They are your Bitcoins, we want them in your wallet as soon as technically possible.

Full, Realtime Reporting

Login to your Merchant Section to get a realtime view of all activity on your account. You can literally watch transactions taking place on your cashier and view your running balance as it goes up and then down when the Bitcoin are sent to your wallet.

Search transactions and view all information on each transaction.

Choose the fiat currency you want your customers to see the exchange prices for.

Easiest Integration Bar None

If you can copy and paste one line of code, you are already prepared to integrate our system into your website. If you have some knowledge of programming, you can do wonder with our easy to understand API.

Sign up, confirm your email address, login, copy and paste your personal line of code.

You can literally be accepting Bitcoin in minutes.

Full API Available

If you have some experience coding, or have a programmer, we've got you covered. We offer a full API where you can easily create your own reporting updates to your database and get all the benefits you can think of. You can send us your customer id number and your transaction number so you can easily identify your customers in our system. You can also poll our system to get live transaction states and data we have on your transaction.

Yes, we'll even provide you with help during your integration process to get you going as soon as possible.

Complete Privacy

Full privacy. Registration includes your name, email and a phone number. Information we use only to contact you for any emergency. Simple, secure, and private. In the spirit of Cryptocoins.

Multiple Fiat Currencies

More than 20 fiat currencies available to choose from. You customers don't have to make calculations from USD to your local currency. This means they will be more apt to purchase from you if they can view the purchase amounts in their local currency. Making the process much easier for your customers to decide on using cryptocurrencies.

You will be the kid on the block with the bestest cryptocurrency cashier in the industry.

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About Us

We are a team of talented professionals who for the past two years have been working on creating what we believe is a truly innovative product for the Cryptocurrency industry. We have been involved in Cryptocurrency in one way or another since 2012, mainly learning and integrating payment platforms to accept Bitcoins.
The platforms we worked with were difficult to integrate and still today, if you don't have some programming skills, any of them can be daunting.
Slowly, and after much discussion and planning, our system began to take shape. We are proud of what we have created and hope you will find it to be an important asset to your business.

Happy Merchants

These are some of the things our merchants have written to us

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